TUESDAY   MARCH   26    7:30pm   usa arena



The vision for LBK College Night came together over a Zoom call of about 8 different campus ministries. Pulse had done an outreach event with campus ministries at Texas Tech last spring, and they set up a Zoom call in September 2023 to talk about the possibility of another campus-wide outreach at Texas Tech this spring. Travis Bailey College Pastor of The Way shared on that Zoom that his team was already praying and planning for a campus-wide easter outreach on March 26th. Right there, Travis invited all the ministries on the call to pray and consider uniting together to do one outreach together on March 26th. From then we've seen over 15+ ministries unite to make LBK College Night their Easter event this spring. We believe that this picture of John 17 unity will be a sign to the campus that Christians really are united by the love of Jesus. Psalm 133 says "When brothers dwell in unity--there the Lord commands a blessing." We know that blessing will be a harvest of hundreds of LBK college students surrendering to Jesus.

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